Watch Out for These Items in Furniture Stores In Raleigh NC

If you are also planning to buy some new furniture this season from raleigh nc furniture stores, we have a little piece of advice for you. There are some new trends and designs that you must have a look at before you finally make up your mind for buying something. Leaving the trends and industry stories to one side, these are the items that have been creating a lot of buzz recently at the Raleigh furniture stores. If you go and have a look at the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores, you would probably be amazed at the number of people who love this kind of furniture. We present a list of the some of the most sought after trends in the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores that would be totally blow your mind. Visit

  • Furniture Stores In Raleigh NCLook for handcrafted drawers and cabinets- This season; it will be all about the handcrafted furniture, especially in cabinets and drawers. The designs would not be highly ornate. Instead, there will be very simple designs and carvings on the wood furniture that is sure to turn heads. Going to some good Raleigh furniture stores like Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores would be enough to find hundreds of such designs.
  • Storage Beds- The storage beds are making for one of the top sellers at the furniture stores Raleigh. They are high and elevated and also have ample of storage space towards the bottom. This is definitely a more practical design and the people definitely like more storage space. This is why this kind of furniture is very high in demand these days. If you are looking for a bed, you must first try to check these storage beds and see how advantageous they can be for your house.
  • Patterns are in- Patterns on the furniture are now being appreciated by the people. It can range from floral patterns to stars and pretty much anything that you can imagine. Even in the vintage style furniture, these kinds of patterns are being liked a lot. Therefore, you must look for some flowers in the sofa and if nothing else, then even stripes would do the trick for your room.
  • Wood color trends- This time, the popular choices at the furniture stores in Raleigh are clearly presenting a sharp contrast. On one hand, white is being preferred by the people, while on the other hand darker shades like walnut brown and ebony are much in demand. However, they have their own territories defined as the white shades are being liked in cabinets, wall units and bookshelves and the walnut hues are being chosen for desks, tables and chairs.
  • Furniture upholstery trends- the furniture stores Raleigh NC recorded more success with colorful and accented furniture rather than bland colors. Green and magenta have been the favorites this year as well. The people have liked thickly upholstered furniture in peppy colors for their homes. The reason behind this is more concentration on the interior decoration themes.

2013 Furniture Trends by Furniture Stores in Greenville SC

Designs and trends in furniture change every season and every year. This year, the pundits of the industry have given their verdict and you must get ready to buy the latest in furniture design trends this year. These trends are not going to be here for only a year. According to the industry reports, the trends of 2013 will be shaping the future of the furniture designs. Therefore, it’s high time that we have a look at what the experts at the Greenville furniture stores have to say about it. Need more info? Visit

Trends forecasts by furniture stores in Spartanburg SC

  • furniture stores Greenville SCWood will be in- This year, all eyes would be set on wood. A few years back, most of the people were eyeing the metallic furniture and even chose plastic molded furniture due to their strength, durability and availability in different colors. However, this year, the focus would be turning back to wood. It might have taken some time, but now people have started believing that nothing can beat the long life and the killer looks of wood.
  • Natural is the way to go- Natural materials will be making headlines this year. Apart from wood, the major focus would be on bamboo, tiki and rattan. People will now be choosing natural and eco friendly material for making furniture. The reasons can be many and range from good looks to environment protection. All in all, furniture stores Greenville SC will be selling a lot of wood, bamboo and rattan.
  • Vintage is back- This year, the people who be focusing more on simpler and subtler designs inspired from the past. Vintage angled furniture and a few antique designs will be back on the center stage. There would still be some geometrically shaped contemporary designs, but they would probably be limited to themed office or home decorations. The popular choice at the discount furniture Greenville SC is clearly the old school designs. The frames are simple, the cushioning is comfortable and the users also find it more befitting for their pockets.
  • Tufted and Themed furniture- furniture stores in Greenville have been noticing a great rise in the demand of tufted or themed furniture. The people like the simpler designs but appreciate the little hint of innovation in the tufted furniture as well. Additionally, as the furniture is now becoming a major part of the themed interiors, the demand for thematic items has also increased manifold.

These were the four decisive trends that will be continuing in the next few years as well. Though you might have to visit a lot of furniture stores in Greenville for getting all the latest designs and trendy furniture, it will be worth the effort. On the flip side, you can go to the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store directly and find all that you want under one roof. The quality of the furniture is excellent and the prices are also reasonable. Therefore, they can make for your first and only choice when it comes to buying furniture for your home or office.


Finding Vintage Furniture From Furniture Stores Buffalo NY

There is clearly nothing better than vintage glory and this kind of furniture is again being featured in the latest trends in the industry. The simple look and the elegance of this kind of furniture are making it quite popular and more people are coming to the furniture stores in Buffalo NY to get this kind of furniture. However, sometimes the hottest trends get copied the most and it is difficult to find some genuine and authentic pieces of furniture that are true of their style and form. Let us discuss how you can find the best vintage furniture in Buffalo. Please visit to get more information on the products.

Looking for vintage furniture Buffalo NY

furniture stores in Buffalo NYThe first thing to keep in mind before buying any kind of vintage furniture is that you have to look for a good furniture store. There are any furniture stores in Buffalo that sell top class vintage furniture. However, we found the best collection in Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. They have some really authentic vintage inspired designs in their stores. Most people think that simple designs qualify for being vintage furniture. However, it is not true. There are certain design principles that are used while creating vintage furniture and we have found that the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store use all those principles to create genuine vintage items. This is not something that you would find in the stores selling discount furniture Buffalo NY. Therefore, if you must go to any vendor in town, you must always opt for this store.

Identifying true to form vintage furniture in furniture stores Buffalo NY area

It is quite difficult to identify the real vintage furniture items from the fake ones. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while buying anything for your house. The first thing that defines real vintage furniture is the six inch thick padding that is sometimes associated with a top leather cover. The legs of the vintage chairs always rise up at an angle and are never truly straight. Plus, they have a five star shape at the bottom which can easily tell you that the furniture is authentic. Furniture stores in Buffalo NY area always make sure that they keep vintage furniture with all these qualities at their stores. You will never find aluminum back braces in vintage furniture. All they use is die-casted magnesium.

You would also find that the real furniture items bought from furniture warehouse Buffalo NY always have angled armrests. This is another sign of authenticity. The fake furniture is mostly able to recline towards the back portion. The real furniture is not stiff, but it does not recline at all. Additionally, the real furniture always has a very smooth finish and you would hardly be able to look for a single visible screw or nut used in the making of the furniture. Therefore, if you are looking for furniture in Buffalo NY, you must always keep these basics in mind. If not, you can simply show up at the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store, where you would find genuine furniture at lesser prices.


The Castle Home Décor and Furniture Checklist

Are you planning to furnish or redecorate your castle home? Then you might probably be looking for something very authentic furniture and décor items. We know that decorating a huge castle home is not a small deal. Therefore, we bring the furniture and décor checklist for you that will help you in making sure that nothing is left behind and you don’t have to plan another frustrated trip to the furniture store.

The Living Room

  1. Castle Home Décor A sofa set (either antique or gothic. The size of the sofa can depend on the number of people who wish to be seated at one time)
  2. 2-3 extra chairs for complementing the sofa (Again, these have to depend on the number of people you wish to be seated at one time. The design can be in contrast to the style of the sofa)
  3. A two-four chair set with table for the secondary seating option (used in the window facing corners of the room for secondary seating options)
  4. A central table for the room (usually made of glass in wooden frame, but wooden tables are also allowed)
  5. An oil painting (large size)
  6. Wall units
  7. Book case
  8. Lamps
  9. Chandeliers (if a part of the décor)
  10. A few statues in bronze and wood (this would be helping you in giving a more authentic castle like look to the living room)
  11. Side table (for storing readable material or just to complement the sofas)

The Bedroom

  1. An emperor sized bed (for the master bedroom. The other beds can also be added here depending on the needs of the user)
  2. A thick memory foam mattress
  3. A chest and/or drawers for either side of the bed
  4. Two lamps for either side of the bed
  5. A dresser
  6. A two chair and one small table set to be placed by the window

Kitchen and Dining Room

  1. A California center table (can be used as a preparation table or as a complete cook top with a chimney)
  2. Kitchen cabinets for cook top and over the cook top storage (used for storing crockery, spices etc)
  3. Storage cabinets for crockery (usually made of wood with glass panes)
  4. A dining table
  5. 4/6 dining chairs.

Bathroom furniture

  1. A full sized cabinet
  2. A half life size mirror
  3. Wall mounted storage cabinets
  4. Wall mounted racks

Home Office or Study Room Furniture

  1. A large hollow desk with drawers
  2. A wall unit for keeping decorative and magazines
  3. 2 shelves for keeping the books and important documents.
  4. An ottoman style/antique/vintage style sofa with cushions
  5. A wide low lying center table


  1. Angel statues in bronze metal (Cupid Angels)
  2. Totem or other exotic wooden statues (both small and large for different rooms)
  3. Posters, wall hangings and picture frames
  4. An entertainment cabinet for the media room
  5. An entrance console
  6. Chess tables

Bathroom Décor and Furniture Ideas

The most difficult kind of furniture buying is here. You might be very well resolved in buying furniture for your living room, bedroom and even your kitchen. However, when it comes to the bathroom, we all have that puzzled expression on our faces. Sometimes, we even forget that the bathroom needs decor and furniture too. If you are living in a castle home, you need to make sure that your bathroom is as beautiful and serene as the rest of your house. Here we bring some bathroom décor and furniture ideas that might be helpful in extending your daily baths by at least 5 minutes.

Bathroom Décor There are two ways to go about the bathroom furniture and décor. The first way is to go for stone and the second is to go for wood. However, these days, metal is also becoming a preference for many of the users. The stone bathroom can have wash basins made of stone with ceramic basins fitted permanently. There are many other designs where the basins are in square, cubic or other designs and placed directly over the stone tops. In either of the cases, the fixtures are permanent. It is quite easy to clean and most of the people use quartz stones in order to get a better look. The mirrors are mounted on the walls and generally don’t have frames. It is quite possible that there are metal stools and racks on the walls as well. The stone and metal combo generally works very well. Even double basins and mirrors can be installed if the need be.

The next kind of décor is essentially wood. The finishing of the bathroom furniture is generally very soft and smooth. You can get a console, a stool, a wall mounted cabinets, a drawer set and a mirror in order to give the complete bathroom furniture for your castle home. The furniture of the bathroom can come in beautiful colors but it is generally not available in very elaborate designs. They have very practical and straight forward designs and mostly come in rectangular shapes. You can even add long racks on the bathroom walls that can hold all your bath accessories and towels in one place. The wood used here is generally hardwood that can last really long. These days cuboid and spherical cuboid shapes are quite in demand. The spherical cuboids are use an additional layer or storage chamber that is quite wav and gives a completely new look to the furniture of the bathroom.

The trends at this moment are in favor of simplistic furniture available in darker hues like chocolate brown, dark gray etc. However, if you wish then you can employ pastel shades as well. Still, for a castle house, it is better to opt for the darker shades that match with the décor of the rest of the house. You might not wish to surprise your visitors in the bathroom with a rainbow of colors. Keeping chairs or some elegant stools is quite in fashion and they would effectively complement your home spa treatments.


The Minimalistic Castle Living Room Décor

Castel Livinf RoomYou might have heard that castles are all about elaborate furniture and sculptures. However, it is true that there can be castles that use the authentic minimalistic approach from the European traditions and still make for an adorable castle. Therefore, we will discuss how the minimalist patterns can still keep the spirit of a castle home alive. First of all, we need to understand that a castle home is not a collection of antique furniture, arts and artifacts. Therefore, we do not have the cram the rooms with these objects or it might look like an antique storehouse or maybe a fancy furniture store. We need to know where to keep out things and also make sure that nothing more than necessary is kept in our houses.

A great minimalistic living room of a castle home can have lesser total components than any average house living room. We will start from bottom to top. The first thing that you need to add to the castle would be a beautiful exotic rug which is imported from Arabian or south-Asian countries. The color to be found here would normally be red with patterns in blue, black, yellow and a few other colors. This makes for a real authentic European castle. Now, we have to look forward to the furniture of the house.

As you are following the minimalistic approach, you can opt one sofa that can seat two people at once. The sofa can be in a very dull shade of green and can be accompanied with some cushions. The covers of these cushions can be in contacting shades like brick red and can ably match with the design of the rugs and carpets used in the room. The sofa needs to be quite comfortable and made of very soft fabric. You can keep the padding fluffy and thick. The sofa can be accompanied with two small and simple cuboid shapes tables. If possible, make sure that they are made of wood and are hollow from inside and have front openings for keeping magazines or readable material.

On one side of the sofa, you can keep two wooden chairs. These chairs need to be all wood and no cushion. Opt for some innovate designs like crossed legs resembling a typical ironing table. You can even chose to keep vintage style chairs that are not much elevated and have cushioning only on the seats. On the other side, you have can place another chair with heavy padding. This chair must ideally complement the look of the sofa. This can be in white color and also provided with the same cushion covers as the sofas. Now, you would have a subtle contrast on both sides of the sofa.

Finally, chose a low glass table with wooden legs. This setup would work really well if you have a very high roof with very simple chandeliers hanging in the middle. If you have a traditional bricks and wood fireplace right in front of the sofa, then the look would be even more appealing and give a very cozy feel to your room.


Home Office Furniture for Castle Homes

Most of us would like to make a classy home office in their castle homes. The atmosphere of a castle home is so serene that anyone would love to make a study room there. Moreover, there is ample of space and you are usually segregated from all the outside noise. Therefore, it becomes quite obvious that indulging in deep study or working from home would never be a problem for you. Therefore, we have brought some home office décor and furniture ideas that might interest you and can become a part of your house.

  • Castle HomesDesk with a Bookcase- This is one of the most basic furniture that you would need for your study room or home office. The focus should be on keeping it simple and elegant. As you would mostly be alone in this space or would only meet someone formally, it is better not to invest in too many frills. Keep it simple and sober. Do make sure that the color of this furniture is catchy. As most of the room would be too full of furniture, it is okay to invest in caramelized sugar colors. The furniture can also be used in lighter shades, but it is always better to stick to caramelized colors of reddish browns to keep the serious and formal look of the room.
  • Chairs- The chairs would ideally be your usual office chairs made of leather. They would be elevated and also be having rollers on the legs to facilitate easy movements. The other kind of chairs would be for the visitors. These chairs have to be a little less elevated that your own chair and made of wood. These can be vintage style chairs with fuller arms and slightly embroidered padding. It is vital to note that these chairs do not need to have rollers. Keeping just two of them would be enough.
  • Comfortable seating- You might want a recluse from continuous work and study and would like to take a small nap or indulge in some light rereading without going back to your bedroom. For this, you need to have a comfortable seating option like a sofa in your room. Don’t make it too cushioned or padded or even ornate. A simple sofa with normal padding would do. However, it can be in a peculiar shape so that it still looks attractive. Add a few cushions to keep the vibes up.
  • Shelves and bookcases-Apart from the standalone bookcases, you might also needed bigger shelves and bookcases with wood and glass panes in order to keep your books in place. These shelves ideally have a lower cabinet space which has wooden panes so that your important documents can be kept safe. Then, there is a small table top like space where you can keep a few decorative like statues and the likes. Finally, there is a glass pane shelf on the top where chronicles and books can be kept. They are quite essential for the room and depending on the type of work you do, may even be taking up all the wall space in your room.

Essential Individual Furniture Pieces for a Castle House

When we talk about separate rooms in the castle, we talk about furniture sets that can be directly bought from the stores and kept at their places. However, it is also essential to note that there are furniture items that are mostly available as standalone pieces but add a lot of value to the house and its looks. We will have a look at some of these furniture pieces and then see which ones can be installed in your house to complete the look and enhance its beauty.

  • Castle HouseConsoles- If you have an antique or gothic look in the living room, then some great consoles kept at the entry points of the house are a must for you. They must not only have a very vintage look and feel, but must also be used to keep some flower pots or small bronze or wood statues. The consoles are definitely something that you must keep in your house no matter what.
  • Wall units- designed like open cabinets, the wall units are your best bets when it comes to making some great changes in your room. If you have a big wall and have no idea how to cover it all, then you must take refuge at the wall units section of the furniture stores. They have ample space and have a rectangular design. Therefore, you can keep anything from decorative pieces to a few of your favorite books here. These units are anyway good for keeping a big flower vase or a big decorative lamp.
  • Entertainment units- These are the specially made furniture that can be kept in your entertainment or media rooms. They are ideal for handling a television set along with a few other media players and subwoofers. A complete home theater can be accommodated. The construction is quite like the wall units, but they have dedicated spaces for keeping the media units.
  • Chess tables- You might be a player and might also like to keep a premium class limited edition chess set with you. However, it would only be good if you have a good quality chess table set. Consisting only of a table and two chairs, this set can be very ornate and decorative. It normally has a rounded high table and two chairs made of lightweight metal. The designs are excellent and the cushioning is light but firm. If not for chess, they can be utilized for some hot cups of tea or coffee by the window.
  • Pub Tables- The bar or pub of your house demands special kind of furniture. Therefore, it is essential that you take care of these demands and get a low lying hardwood pub table for the bar. These tables are good for keeping a few glasses and bottles of your favorite drink. Used mostly with some low lying vintage style chairs, the top surface of these tables can be very ornate. It enhances the look and feel of these chairs. Plus, they provide another way to boast your excellent sense of choosing the right kind of furniture.

Patio Furniture for the Castle Home

Castle HomeCastle homes are all about living in a fort of a house. These kind of houses are so full of themselves that you would hardly have time to go out. However, it is myth that castle home dwellers do not enjoy their atmosphere as much as the others do. In fact, with such green lawns and ample of sunlight and fresh air, it becomes criminal not to have a nice patio and sit there with a cup of tea or coffee. Though, the fact is that the castles cannot retain an elaborate patio as the ordinary houses. Therefore, the needs are different and the people would ideally want something more interesting than the usual décor of the house.

There are different kinds of patios that can be employed to work in a castle home. It would depend on the kind of space that you have in your backyard as well as the kind of décor that you have chosen for the rest of the house. There are generally two kinds of patio designs that you can employ. The first is the enclosed patio and the second is the open patio. Both have different requirements and suit different kinds of homeowners. Let us learn about this kind of furniture.

  • The enclosed patio style- This is one style that is apt for houses that have a modern décor. Additionally, if you do not have a proper ‘garden’ for a backyard and can only see lush green lawns from the patio, then it is better to go for this enclosed patio style. It is called enclosed as it is not open and has a glass wall. The wall is made of metal frame and a glass pane. The wall is only as big as the height of the sofas and furniture placed outside. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the sceneries with ease. Chose more geometric or contemporary designs for furniture here. Choosing a box style, semi spherical sofa with medium padding would be good. It can even be made of leather in some dark hues like black and deep chocolate brown. Chose some cushions in contrasting colors like orange, green, white and red for the sofa. Add a rounded glass table and two extra metal chairs if the need be.
  • The open patio style- This style suits the people who have a small garden of flowers or shrubs in their backyard. It is also suitable for the people who have given a more traditional look to their house. You can go for some vintage style low lying chairs. The color of the wooden furniture can be caramel brown or slightly lighter than that. The padding should only be at the seats and the chairs must be provided with arms. The padding can be in pastel colors or some deep shades like forest green, deep sky blue and the likes. Chose a square table to complement the look. Ideally, do not use more than four chairs at one space. You can even chose a similar styled bench and two chairs with a rectangular chair.

Choosing the Right Beds for the Castle Home

Castle HomeCongratulations for deciding to get a castle home! You are certainly different from others and deserve an applause for this bold move. Now, the biggest question in your mind must be the furniture and when it comes to furniture, the first thing that comes to your mind is the bed. Therefore, it is quite essential that you first look for the right kinds of beds for your house. There might be many people living in your castle and everybody might have a different need. Therefore, we present an assorted list of all the kinds of beds that you might need in your castle house.

  • The Master Bedroom- This one deserves the biggest and the most grand kind of furniture as compared to the other rooms. The best way to get this thing done is to make sure that you get a bed of a big size. Emperor size beds are the best for this purpose. However, if you can, then you must go for customized beds in this room. In that case, you will get more freedom in getting a bed that matches the décor of the rest of the room. The bed must ideally be rectangular in shape and must have an elaborate canopy as well. The height of the bed should be more than average and the mattress should also be considerably thick. The pillars of the bed canopy and the feet must also be decorated substantially. You can even include some subtle patterns on the other sides of the bed. Get custom drawers, chests and cabinets as well. This will be beneficial in giving a better look and keeping everything in sync.
  • The Kids’ bedroom- The kids must get a bed that is lighter in weight as well as color. Never forget to make sure that it has a very small canopy or no canopy at all. Bunk beds also work well in this case. If you wish to go along with the theme of the rest of the house, you can get these beds made in wood and add some metal patterns for giving a gothic and rustic appearance to the bed. However, it is better to get some composite wood or laminated wood furniture here. This would keep the children safe and also make sure that the peppiness of the kids’ room is maintained.
  • The Guest Bedroom- A castle is always frequented by visitors. Therefore, it is good if you make a good guest bedroom for all your loved ones. The guest bedroom must have a California king or queen size bed. The mattress must be very comfortable and the bed frame should ideally not contain too much ornamentation. Remember, that not all people would like to stay in highly ornate rooms. Therefore, the focus should be on comfort and traditionally well suited furniture. Go for less elaborate or no canopy. If you want to keep a canopy, then focus on a rectangular frame that can hold the curtains. That would be enough for the bedroom. Add some good quality chests and drawers along with beautiful table lamps.

Modern Décor for the Castle Kitchen

Castle KitchenThe kitchen is one place where you would want a hint of modern style and décor. Therefore, even castle homes these days are opting for modern kitchen styles. However, these designs are not entirely composed of the contemporary edgy designs and neon colors. There is still a very subtle effect of the vintage and antique style in this kind of décor. The colors used in this decoration are more modern and the way things are placed is also different. However, the basics remain the same. Let us explore the elements that are used in creating this modern décor style.

First of all, we will talk about the colors of the wall. As the rest of the house might be colored in richer shades or yellow, it is time that we settle down on pastel colors on the walls. Choosing pastel leaf green on the walls is a good option here. It must also have some white accents. The dining area should be slightly separated from the kitchen. You can chose to hang some family pictures on the wall. That way, it is becomes better for the family to interact. Plus, the colors and the photographs leave a very positive impression on your mind. Instead of green, you can even chose very light sunrise yellow or orange would also be a good idea. You can carry on with the same color scheme in the kitchen area as well.

Now, we come to the most important part of the kitchen and dining room décor. It is the most essential thing to consider while making a kitchen. In the modern style décor, you can chose to avoid making storage cabinets beneath the cook tops. In fact, you can chose to cook on a chunky center table of the kitchen and leave at least two corners in the room for preparation of the food. The chimney can be placed right in the center. This table should be made of wood and must ideally be in a very light hue that can match the rest of the décor. You can also keep a metal chair with light cushioning on the seat on one side of the preparation area for the best look. The larger crockery cabinets need to be made of light wood. The bezels and corners should be thinner and there must be glass panes installed in the cabinets. The color should again be very light. White can provide a very beautiful accent here.

The furniture in the dining area should also be very light. It can either be made of wood or metal. You can even chose some plastic furniture if the style matches the décor of the whole room. Get a rectangular table with rounded corners and use some metal chairs to complement the look. You can even chose wooden chairs with lesser cushioning and fuller frames for this purpose. The chairs should again be in white or any other pastel shade that complements the colors of the walls. This way, things would be handled in a better way.


Kitchen and Dining Décor For the Castle

The kitchen and dining area is the heart of the house. Therefore, it is quite essential that you pay a lot of attention in decorating this area and getting the appropriate furniture for it. There are many themes and decors that you might chose for your kitchen. If you have had enough of gothic and antique styles for other rooms of the house and want something different or even colorful for your kitchen, then opting for vintage or cottage style décor would be a good idea for you. However, there is a multitude of styles that you can incorporate in your kitchen. Here is a brief description of the most suitable kind of kitchen décor.

  • Décor For the CastleThe antique style décor- In the kitchen, the antique style is not about too much decoration or heavy ornamentation. However, there are decorative carvings bold designs here as well. The chairs are padded only at the seats and the backrest. The colors can be deep and rich or soft and subtle. The table is also generally big and rectangular. If you are going for this antique style, then always make sure that the tables are big enough and seat 6-8 people at one time. Now, we talk about the décor of the kitchen. In the antique style, go for simple wooden cabinets with glass panes to get the perfect look. You can get all this is caramel brown to maintain synchrony. You must have a huge and heavy center table to complete the look.
  • The vintage style décor- this is one of the most popular décor for the kitchen. You have to make sure that everything is simple yet elegant. Starting from a California style center table with drawers would be a great option. Make sure to get some caramel brown shade cabinets for the cook top support as well as wall mounted storage. The bigger crockery cabinet can be very simple with slight patterns towards the corners. The dining table can be very simple and round. You can even get a dining table with drawers. This would further help in getting a great look. More focus should be on the chairs. They need to be very simple and if possible, without backrest cushioning. You must have arms in the chairs to complete the look.
  • The rustic style décor- This is truly a castle style kitchen and dining décor. The lighting is generally amber. The whole décor is based on wood. There is a big oven in one corner and the whole cooking area is settled at two corners of the room. The third corner is saved for the preparation area and is supplied with a chair as well. The open space of the kitchen is left for dining. The users should use a very rustic style table. The height of this table should be lower and the legs must not be straight. Instead they should be crossed like typical ironing boards. There are no seats in this placement, only small benches. Still, you add chairs with similar crossed legs.

The Modern Castle Bedroom Décor

Staying in a castle must not always be about dwelling in the past, not in the bedroom at least. Therefore, if you have taken your time to give an antique or gothic look to the rest of the house, it’s time that you give a very contemporary touch to your bedroom. The theme will be in sync with the rest of the house, but the style would be different. Plus, the master bedroom needs to be a little different from others in all respects. Therefore, choosing the right color and the right style is very important here.

bedroomFor making a contemporary bedroom, you first have to focus on getting the right color on the walls. It is better to chose hues that are a little darker. It will help in making the room look very classy. You can opt for yellow mixed green, gray or some other metallic shades like granite. After this is complete, the next and the most important step would be the choice of furniture. You first have to buy furniture that has very modern accents. Choosing low lying beds would be a great option. Make sure that you get a bed in white color. The bed does not necessarily needs to be made of hardwood. In fact, you can even go for a softwood bed with a laminated or composite wood headboard.

The next step is to chose a mattress. Don’t chose mattresses that are too soft or too firm. In that case, you might have to compromise with the quality and durability. The thickness of the mattress should also be average. Now team it up with creamy white bed sheets and deep chocolate brown comforters and quilts. It would be very helpful in creating a very modern look. The sheets need to be plain and no patterns or designs are permitted. Get cushions in the dual tones of the bed sheets and comforters. Choose the curtains in a matching hue. Make sure that the curtains are neither too thick nor too sheer. If you wish, then you can even chose black comforters and quits ad team it up with orange, yellow and green contrasting pillows and cushions.

The rest of the furniture to be used in the room should be very minimal. There must only be some plain deep colored hardwood racks on the walls. Apart from this, use very minimalistic drawers and cabinets. The chests should always be short in height and can even be eliminated totally if the need be. There is practically no need of adding any extra seats or chairs in the room as this minimalistic setup might get disturbed due to the inclusion of extra elements.

Even if you have to add extra furniture than the ones mentioned above, always keep them far away from the bed and chose only deep hues in the wood. Even some metal can be used for this purpose. However, make sure that metal is used only when the colors are black. If you have opted for the dark chocolate brown theme, then metal might not be a suitable choice.